Frequently asked questions

What is Primer?

Primer is an Augmented Reality platform that helps décor brands, designers and design enthusiasts instantly visualize products at scale directly in one’s space.

When was Primer Founded?

Primer was founded in 2019 by Russ Maschmeyer and Adam Debreczeni and launched to the public in April 2020.

Where is Primer based?

Primer is based in Oakland, CA with a virtual team across the US and Canada, including New York, San Francisco, Atlanta and Calgary!

How does Primer work?

Download the Primer App for iPhone & iPad to gain access to hundreds of products from leading decor brands. Open the app, select a swatch and point your phone at a wall to see the design at full scale in your home. Primer enables design enthusiasts, DIY’ers and design professionals to quickly and easily browse products, patterns and finishes in their space, save favorite products, share previews with friends or clients, and purchase products directly from the app.

Where can I download the Primer App?

Primer is available for iPad and iPhone. Download the free Primer app from the App Store HERE. Our app enables users to visualize products, save favorite, connect with brands directly, and take in-app photos and videos to save or share with clients, friends and family. Make sure you have the latest ios (14 or later) for the best experience! We expect to expand to Android next year.

What are the benefits of visualizing products in AR?

Our ‘view in room’ previews give brands more flexibility to showcase their products at scale, facilitate design and purchasing decisions and make designing one’s space more fun! We use best in class technology to render actual lighting conditions, textures and sheens to help customers experience living with patterns, colors and tiles. As a member of the Good Future Design Alliance, Primer aims to reduce waste by making the sample process more intentional.

How does Primer work with Brands?

Primer seamlessly integrates with a brand’s website, making it easy for sales teams and clients to access and share product installations. We also offer sample and showroom integration making it easy to visualize products at full scale while looking at the physical product. Visit us at or contact us to learn more.

How is Primer different from other visualization software and services?

As Primer uses AR, we enable users to see products at scale, directly in their home or space so they can envision living with a particular pattern or finish. Unlike other platforms or software:

  • We’re mobile first - you can use Primer on the go with your iPhone or iPad
  • We do not require customers to upload an image of their space
  • Our previews are not confined to a pre-templated virtual 2D or 3D room
  • We do not require software
  • Our previews accommodate existing lighting conditions in your space
  • We utilize LiDAR sensors to enable our previews to work around furniture, plants and pets
  • We’re the first brand to offer an AR solution for the design industry that does not require an App download, making it even easier for your customers and clients to access previews.

What does Primer need to visualize my brand’s products?

Our best in class technology makes modeling products for AR easy. Brands simply need to send us product details and images and we do the rest, including accounting for texture, color matching, lighting conditions and sheen.

What types of products can be virtualized on Primer at this time?

Primer’s unique AR virtualization technology can display any wall treatment – paint, tile, wallpaper, panelling, etc. – with accurate color, sheen, gloss, and texture. We will be expanding to additional categories in 2021.

Where is Primer available?

Primer is currently available for brands based in the US, UK and Canada, with plans to expand internationally.

What brands does Primer partner with?

Primer works with brands that share our values of authenticity, quality, accessibility and sustainability. In addition to lage industry brands, we specifically seek independent brands, BIPOC owned brands, women-owned brands and brands with socially and environmentally conscious products, standards and practices.

How Does Primer Work with the Trade?

We built Primer to be a useful tool for trade professionals and brands. Primer visualizes trade only-products to help designers visualize products for clients. We anticipate building out a larger trade program in 2021.

How much does it cost to use Primer?

Primer is always free to download and use for design enthusiasts and professionals. Brands pay a small fee, based on company size and desired services, to have their product catalog virtualized and hosted on Primer. Our premium services act like a white label service, enable sample and showroom integration and do not require users to download an app. You can learn more about becoming a Primer Partner here.

How does Primer facilitate sales for my brand?

Today users simply need to click the ‘shopping’ cart icon on a product page to be directed back to the brand page to request a sample or complete a purchase. Primer plans to launch a curated marketplace in 2021 streamline this process for interested brands.

Where is Primer available and on which Devices?

Primer is currently available on iPad and iPhone to audiences and brands based in the US, CA and UK. We will be launching an Android version in 2021. In order to access Primer, you may need to update your device. To do so, simply go to ‘General’ in ‘Settings’ and click ‘Software update’ to learn more.

How can I contact Primer?

For general inquiries contact To learn more about Primer’s services or becoming a Primer partner, fill out our inquiry form or contact our Director of Partnerships, Katie Higgins at:

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